Since 1998 Support Services Group (SSG) has a simple goal in mind: to provide exceptional customer service to organizations that value customer satisfaction and loyalty. SSG offers customized Omni-Channel solutions for the world’s leading brands. We have exciting career opportunities in the areas of Product Sales, Customer Support, Technical Support, IT Support, Management & Operations and much more! We LOVE what we do! Want to see what the hype is all about? Apply today!

  • Crystal Fraser


    “ SSG is a great place to work. They treat you like family and really truly care about you. They promote within when they see amazing talent. I would definitely recommend working with SSG. ”

  • Aimee Woodworth


    “ I like working with SSG because everybody is so friendly and helpful! I love that I can work from home. ”

  • Marianne Joy Esarza


    “ SSG provided a job that allows me to explore a new opportunity for me here in Canada at the comfort of my own home. SSG is an equal-opportunity and inclusive company and with that, it really makes each day at work something to look forward to. ”